Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) recently underwent a Level III Phase 2 re-visit for program accreditation, with a focus on three of its programs. The accreditation process was organized by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, Inc. (AACCUP), highlighting ASCOT’s commitment to delivering high-quality education in these specific fields. ASCOT had presented its Bachelor of Secondary Education program, featuring majors in English, Filipino, Biological Science, and Technology and Livelihood Education. Additionally, its Master of Arts in Education program, offering majors in Education Management, Filipino, Language Teaching, Science Education, and Guidance and Counseling, was under evaluation. Lastly, the Master in Management program with majors in Public Management, Business Management, and Education Management was also part of the accreditation process.

The three-day event commenced on June 7 with an opening program and interviews with counterparts. On June 8, stakeholder interviews and a virtual tour were conducted, showcasing ASCOT’s impact and infrastructure. June 9 was dedicated to discussions for clarification and the submission of additional documents.

A team of program accreditors, consisting of esteemed experts such as Dr. Boyet L. Batang, a university professor and currently the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Isabela State University, played a key role in the accreditation process. Dr. Alvin R. De Mesa, Associate Professor V and the Director of the Quality Management System for Accreditation at Leyte Normal University, brought his expertise to the team.

Other esteemed accreditors included Dr. Francis N. Baleta, a Professor VI from Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology Graduate School, and Dr. Joey M. Villanueva, a Professor V from Nueva Viscaya State University. Dr. Marinel P. Dayawon, the University Director for Instruction and a Professor IV at Isabela State University, contributed her valuable insights. Dr. Ramesis M. Lorin, a Professor IV and currently the university registrar at Bicol University, and Dr. Reynaldo T. Gelido, an Associate Professor V from Pangasinan State University-School of Advanced Studies, also played pivotal roles in the accreditation process.

ASCOT’s active participation throughout the accreditation process demonstrates its firm commitment to continuous improvement and the provision of high-quality education. The valuable feedback and recommendations provided by the accreditation team will be utilized to further enhance ASCOT’s programs and shape the future of education. As ASCOT made progress through the Level III Phase 2 re-visit, it remained dedicated to its mission of providing outstanding educational opportunities for its students.