April 25, 2024 – ASCOT’s Office of Research and Development recently welcomed Grade 12 HUMSS students from Ditumabo National High School for a benchmarking activity. The participants, namely Ma Shofia C. Mauro, Fixel F. Almonte, and Angelique Nicole P. Bautista, accompanied by their research coaches Sophia Ann Gorospe-Ferrer and Dick Edward Zagala.

Dr. Alking C. Gorospe, Director, Office of Research and Development spearheaded the session which focused on statistical tools and analysis techniques crucial for science researchers. This initiative aims to enhance students’ competencies for the upcoming Division Festival of Talents, particularly in the STEMAZING category. With expert guidance from Dr. Gorospe and contributions from ASCOT personnel, including Mr. Charles Velasco, Science Research Assistant I, Mark Havin Cortez from BIT, and Engr. John Robert Hudencial, the session proved enriching for both students and mentors.