Working collaboratively with esteemed publishers and booksellers in Metro Manila, the Library Advisory Committee of ASCOT is dedicatedly working to enrich the college’s library collection and enhance support services for the ASCOT community, April 27-29, 2023.

Driven by recommendations for strategic directions and library development, this proactive initiative aims to provide new collections and subscriptions that align with the college’s vision of fostering research and learning.

Also, in compliance with the library requirements for AACCUP Level III accreditation and the universityhood aspirations of ASCOT, the dedicated efforts of the Library Advisory Committee are instrumental. As College Librarian III, Mardelyn Barrogo explains, “Expanding our book collection is an essential step towards achieving AACCUP Level III accreditation and university status.”

To ensure equitable access to these valuable resources, the committee has allocated a budget of 5 million pesos, equally distributed among ASCOT’s ten schools: Information Technology, Industrial Technology, Graduate Studies, Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Fisheries and Marine Biology, Education, Engineering, Forestry, and the College of Law/Accountancy. This allows each school to actively contribute to the book selection process, ensuring the incorporation of diverse disciplines and preferences.

The ongoing book selection and acquisition activity exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional support services and a culture of research and learning. We are dedicated to enriching our library holdings and providing our ASCOT community with a wealth of invaluable resources.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our library collection and enhance support services, ensuring that ASCOT remains a hub of academic excellence and intellectual growth in the province.