The Philippine government opts to increase the vaccine coverage, thus the declaration of three-day national vaccination days from November 29-December 01. The Department of Health (DOH) hopes that Filipinos will live out the spirit of Bayanihan and take part in the nationwide vaccination drive. The theme of the three-day vaccination is “Bayanihan Bakunahan: Ligtas. Lakas. Buong Pinas.”

The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) participated on day 02 of the national vaccination. Students and employees who have not yet received their vaccine doses were encouraged to go to their municipal vaccination site, provincial vaccination site, or at ASCOT Zabali. The college provided 150 slots of the Moderna vaccine.

Even though Nov. 30 was a holiday as the nation celebrates Gat. Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, did not stop ASCOT from holding the vaccination drive. The nurses of the college–Nurse Gina and Nure Hyacinth together with some of the healthcare workers in the province led the vaccination drive at the General Education Building at ASCOT Zabali campus. Maintenance staff helped in setting up the chairs, tables, and other things needed for the vaccination drive.


The college continues to push for the vaccination of all its employees and students to protect them from the virus. We live in an uncertain time. The virus is still mutating. It is still a threat. As of this writing, a new variant—omicron was detected and is now a variant of concern. Vaccination is still key to surviving this ordeal. Thus, the college will remain committed to supporting vaccination drives and other measures of the government to address the pandemic.