Sharing their knowledge, insights, and expertise in various topics about information and communications technology, Information Technology Instructors from Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) served as Resources Speakers in the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Luzon Cluster 2 Aurora Provincial Office’s Free Tech4ED Webinar Series held through Zoom.

To increase teachers’ ideas on the use of different online teaching applications, especially during this new normal mode of learning, Mr. Don Sean Arvie V. Buencamino, IT Instructor and Director of the College’s Department of Online and Distance Learning, presented his lecture about “Online Teaching Using Free LMS and Apps,” May 21.

In his talk, Mr. Buencamino taught the virtual participants how to conduct synchronous and asynchronous classes in this pandemic using different Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom and Canvas.

Moreover, he also discussed how to assess students’ learning online by using online assessment applications and software like Quizizz and TestMoz.

On the other hand, to give knowledge on the different opportunities on how to earn during this times with the use of ICT, Mr. Von Gerald D. Macose, IT Instructor and ASCOT’s Director of Students Affairs and Alumni Services, discussed the topic about “Maximizing the Potential of ICT: Increasing Productivity and Exploring Digital Investments,” June 3.

In his discussion, Mr. Macose taught the virtual participants how to invest in Trading Applications like with the use of Binance and Kucoin that will increase traders’ earnings in the form of cryptocurrencies that online they may soon cash out to support some of their necessities.

Meanwhile, give educators more innovative ways on how to make their online classes more engaging and enjoyable; Mr. Jorell B. Mababangloob presented his topic about “Interactive Slides: Engage your Students and Deliver Powerful Learning Moments,” June 9.

In his topic, Mr. Mababangloob stressed the importance of using interactive slides like Pear Deck for Google Slides in today’s synchronous classes to help apply the traditional classroom setup and activities into the virtual space.

Virtual participants who joined the said webinars via Zoom and watched via Facebook Live and Youtube were given electronic certificates (e-certificates). The said free webinar series was in accordance with the celebration of the National ICT Month 2021 this  June.