Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) is once again alive with excitement as it gears up for the 2023 intramurals, a long-awaited event after a three-year hiatus. The festivities commenced on a high note on October 23, 2023, with an opening program held at the newly constructed Aurora Sports Center.

The day began with a vibrant parade featuring students from different schools within ASCOT. The spirited participants filled the air with a sense of unity and anticipation for the days to come.

Following the parade, the short program began with an inspiring message from the Supreme College Student Council (SCSC) adviser, Jan Christopher A. Salazar. He set the tone for the event, expressing the collective enthusiasm of the students.
SCSC President Laurence B. Amazona shared his thoughts on the occasion, remarking on the joy of finally realizing this event again after the last intramurals in 2019.

Edmundo Y. David, the Campus Adviser, reminisced about his days as a student and the humble beginnings of intramurals, which were once confined to the covered court of ASCOT. He emphasized how the growth of ASCOT and the need to take intramurals off-campus were a testament to the institution’s strength. He highlighted the diversity of ASCOT, reminding everyone that together, they shine the brightest, like a rainbow with all its colors.

Von Gerald D. Macose, the SAS Director, pointed out that events like intramurals are not just breaks from academics but also important lessons in friendship, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

Dr. RB J. Gallego, the VP for Academic Affairs, emphasized the significance of intramurals in enhancing physical competitiveness among the students.

One of the highlights of the opening program was the Oath of Players, symbolizing their commitment to fair play and teamwork. The lighting of the torch added a touch of grandness to the event. Seven exceptional athletes from ASCOT, Jayries Abalos, John Mark A. Basquina, Lynette S. Pecasio, John Mark B. Morales, Morena G. Arquines, Lester James Nartates, and Desserie M. Lozano, who had previously represented Region III at the National SCUAA, proudly carried the torch.

Intramurals provide students with an opportunity to bond, make friends, and cultivate sportsmanship. These experiences extend far beyond the academic realm, shaping well-rounded individuals. For ASCOT, it’s not just about the competition but also about fostering unity and strength among its diverse student body. The 2023 intramurals promise to be an event to remember, celebrating both individual achievements and collective success.