On October 10, the Aurora State College of Technology Information Communication and Technology Center (ASCOT ICTC) made an announcement. They announced that starting October 11, there will no longer be a limited face-to-face ID Processing for ASCOT students. The ID processing will be online.

The students were instructed to supply the needed information for their ID. This includes a clear picture of the student, course, student number, name, address, birthday, blood type, copy of signature (e-signature), contact person in case of emergency, and contact number. After supplying the necessary information, they have to send the PDF, MS Word, or WPS file to their respective department directors, group chats, or social media pages. The ICTC will collect them.

Announcements will be posted to let the students know how and when they can get their IDs. This is a move to lessen the number of students going to ASCOT to get an ID, after all, we are still living during a pandemic. The shift opts to make the process convenient and efficient.