The participants on Film Appreciation and Film Making
The participants on Film Appreciation and Film Making
Twenty-four (24) enthusiastic participants attended the Seminar/Workshop on Film appreciation and Film Making conducted by the ASCOT Information and Communication Technology Center. The 3-day event, scheduled May 9-11,2014 , was handled by Mr. Rommel Espinosa. He is a film and television producer, art director and production designer. The gentleman is also a proud product of Aurora province.

Simply the perfect fit to be the resource person in an event that aims to provide basic knowledge in film appreciation and film making to the participants – from professionals to inspired young learners of Aurora.

To further intensify the workshop, participants were grouped into five to come up with a short film of their own, applying the different techniques of filmmaking from theories to technical aspects. Each group was composed of various member, from skilled to amateur videographer, from kids to professionals. A mini simulation of a production was also observed, with each member of groups playing roles in a production headed by directors Atty. Sharon Teh , Eddie Rebueno, Lyndon Belen, Rey Zamora and Von Gerald Macose .

The first 2 days of the event covered topics such as, filmmaking process, scriptwriting, types of shots, production design and editing. The final day was continuation of shooting and editing; and a film showing that showcased the outputs of the groups.

Inspiring enough was the event that some participants decided to enroll Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in ASCOT. The program includes units in Multimedia.