January 26, 2024: The ASCOT community bids farewell to two distinguished individuals, Dr. Eusebio Angara and Dr. Amelia Picart, who have dedicated their lives to the institution.

The program began with Ms. Lindsey Kaye Julian leading the opening prayer, setting a tone of gratitude and reflection. Dr. Gerardo S. Rillon, Chief Administrative Officer, welcomed everyone with opening remarks, expressing the collective sentiment of appreciation for the retirees’ contributions.

For. Michelle Resueno, Vice President for Administration, Planning, and Finance, conveyed heartfelt messages, highlighting the impact of Dr. Seb and Dr. Amy on the ASCOT community.

Dr. Eutiquio Rotaquio, Jr, For. Ma. Cristina B. Canada, Dr. Ricardo G. Gonzales, and Myra V. Curitana, who are close friends and colleagues of Doc Seb, shared heartfelt messages and personal notes, highlighting the lasting impact he made on ASCOT. Likewise, Dr. Rowel G. Olila, Dina Lim, Rufina I. Talavera, and Rafaela H. Aragon celebrated Ma’am Amy with warm messages, expressing the positive influence she had on them.

During the night, some memorable messages were shared. Dr. Rotaquio expressed, “Si Ma’am Amy ay napakahinon na tao, kahit pressured ang lahat.” On the other hand, Ma’am Dina highlighted, “Hindi lang for compliance ang mga trabaho ni Ma’am Amy, palaging may kalidad ang kanyang output.” Canada fondly recalled, “Ang hindi ko makakalimutan kay Doc. Seb ay ang paalala na laging maging grateful at huwag kalimutan ang pinanggalingan.”

During the Thanksgiving response, Ma’am Amy had a really touching moment. She shared how thankful she was. She spoke from the heart, expressing her appreciation for everything. It was a sweet and heartfelt message that made the moment special. Ms. Malou Angara also conveyed thanks on behalf of Doc Seb, expressing appreciation for the support and camaraderie throughout the years.

Jocelyn H. Diaz, President of the Faculty Association, serenaded the retirees, adding a musical touch to the heartfelt event.

As the program concluded, the ASCOT community expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering service, dedication, and commitment of Doc Seb and Ma’am Amy. Their impact will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, and the ASCOT family wishes them well in their future endeavors.