Since August, the college has been posting job vacancies both for permanent positions and contracts of service. The majority of the job vacancies were for teaching positions. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of enrollees this school year. Thus, there is a need for additional manpower. There were approximately 40 vacant positions.

Qualified applicants were instructed to submit their application addressed to Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr. Ph.D., SUC President II through for pre-evaluation. They can also submit their application documents to the Human Resource Management Office.

The increase in the number of enrollees despite the pandemic and the untimely demise of 3 employees influenced the number of job vacancies. The college recognizes that to ensure that it can deliver quality and relevant education, they need additional manpower.

Several applicants submitted their application documents. After the deliberation, the best fit for the college was hired. The new employees attended an orientation.