ASCOT Higher Education Presents 2013 Accomplishments
ASCOT Higher Education Presents 2013 Accomplishments
ASCOT Higher Education through the leadership of Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan, Vice President for Academic Affairs hosted the Annual Accomplishment Report Presentation 2013 last March 5, 2014 at the General Education Building. The program included presentation of Department Annual Reports that focuses on how they realize mission through the different educational programs and activities.

The AARP is an annual activity where Academic Directors present their output for questions and feedback. Each presentation provides an overview of their mission, vision, program offerings and metrics ,student demographic profiles, and a brief highlight of selected student and faculty achievements and accomplishments such as Licensure Examinations/NC results, trainings/seminars/conference attended, participation in Department and College activities, extension services conducted, published researches and other accomplishments.

The activity also presents recent research projects that articulate future areas of growth,extension programs, and the result of accreditation.

Invited during the AARP was Ms. Mely M. Amatorio, College Budget Officer.

Among the Directors who presented their reports are:

Department Director
Department of Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences Dr. Shirley N. San Pedro
Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences For. RB J. Gallego
Department of General Education Prof. Eriberto C. Rivera
Department of Engineering Prof. Loreto H. Barrogo
Department of Industrial Technology Prof. Antonio D. Bolivar III
Department of Information Technology Dir. Christopher G. Marmol
Department of Graduate Studies Dr. Evi Q. Fontanos
Office of Student Services Dr. Amelia A. Picart
NSTP/PSC/PSWF Prof. Lolita H. Dela Cruz
Research Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr.
Extension and Training Dr. Eduardo F. Macose
Accreditation Dr. Silvestre C. Escueta