The Guidance and Counseling Office conducted a Stress Debriefing against COVID-19 pandemic to ASCOT personnel, stakeholders and students last October 1-2, 2020 at ASCOT Guidance Office, Zabali Campus, Baler, Aurora.

This activity aims to enable participants to become aware of their reactions during a crisis like COVID-19 pandemic; to facilitate the normal recovery processes for those who are distressed by an unusually disturbing event; to identify group members who might benefit from additional support services or a referral for professional care.

A total of 29 participants (ASCOT faculty and staff and students) were grouped into 4 sessions. Participants were requested to adhere to the house rules such as, “to not reveal what happened during the debriefing session to other participants, to respect the opinions of co-participants, to listen attentively, to talked but wait for your turn.” Each session lasted for two-hour group sharing/voicing their individual worries and stresses and sharing on how they cope up with it.

Dr. Alma S. Bayudan, ASCOT Guidance Counselor, Ms. Amparo Roberta Espinosa, Instructor- Department of Arts and Sciences, Ms. Lara Teresa Arcillas, Instructor-Department of Arts and Sciences and Ms. Laureen Villanueva, Staff-Guidance and Counseling Office, facilitated the said activity.