As we celebrate National Teachers’ Day, let’s spotlight the inspiring journey of Atty. Patrick Angara—a lawyer-instructor making a profound impact. His transition from law to education is a tale of dedication and commitment. Armed with a Juris Doctor degree from San Beda University, he chose to channel his expertise back to his hometown.

As a lawyer-instructor, Atty. Patrick’s mission is crystal clear: making legal services accessible to the less fortunate. He invests his time in communities, offering free legal discussions, advice, and notarial services, with a focus on vulnerable sectors such as farmers, fishermen, solo parents, PWDs, and senior citizens.

In 2020, he pioneered ‘Batas at Komunidad Kasama si Atty. Patrick Angara,’ a pro bono radio program in collaboration with legal authorities, broadcasted on local radio stations. His conviction is rooted in the belief that knowledge about rights and responsibilities under the law empowers communities and resolves issues.

As an educator, Atty. Patrick employs the Socratic method, integrating current events and encouraging students to analyze local issues and propose solutions. His vision includes conducting weekly educational discussions to enhance awareness of societal and political issues.
Recognition, including the Doña Aurora Youth Leadership Award, highlights Atty. Patrick’s commitment to the belief that quality education should be accessible to all, regardless of their background.

During an interview, Atty. Patrick shared, “It has been inculcated in me that education is one’s greatest weapon and opportunity to improve himself and his community. This is why I try my best to impart knowledge to the younger generation despite certain setbacks in this field.”
On challenges and growth, he upholds standards for a bright future. “In my first year of teaching, several persons advised me to lower my standards and expectations with regard to the students. One even told me: ‘Yung mga estudyante na magagaling lumalabas ng Aurora. Yung naiiwan sa atin.’ I don’t share this view or mindset. Our goal as educators is to provide QUALITY EDUCATION to our students regardless of their background, to help them fulfill their potential and provide opportunities for self-development. Mahirap maging mahigpit, mahirap tumanggi sa pakiusap lalo pag lumapit na ang magulang o ang bata pero kailangan natin mag-stand ng ground lalo sa pagtuturo at grades dahil kinabukasan ng mga bata at ng lipunan natin ang nakasalalay.”

Despite challenges, Atty. Patrick’s dedication remains unwavering. His goal is to transform apathy into active participation in community activities and governance.

His journey inspires us, reminding us of the transformative power of education and advocacy to create positive change. Happy Teacher’s Day, Sir Patrick! You are truly an #InspiringEducator.

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