As we celebrate the invaluable contributions of our dedicated teachers, let’s take a closer look at the exceptional educators who go above and beyond in shaping the academic landscape. Today, we shine a spotlight on one remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of inspiration and dedication—Ms. Nikita Paola A. del Mundo, our Math Enchantress.

With an impressive six years of teaching experience, Ms. Nikita has consistently garnered outstanding ratings every semester—an accomplishment that speaks volumes about her teaching prowess. Colleagues often express their trust and admiration, leaving encouraging messages like “Idol!”, and “Thank you for always being there.”

Her passion and dedication extend beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting impact on both current and past students. For some, Ms. Nikita is the essence of college life, an educator who goes beyond textbooks and equations to create an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.
Former students remain in close contact, proudly sharing their achievements. Two alumni are now serving in Public Schools, while recent graduates contribute their expertise beyond the borders of Aurora. Ms. Nikita’s influence reaches far beyond the academic realm, shaping individuals who make a positive impact in their communities.

“Maraming salamat po sa inyong mga aral, Ma’am Nikita is an exceptional teacher, known for her kindness, talent, eloquence, and intelligence. She stands out as one of those educators who excel in explaining lessons, especially in mathematics. Her methodical approach, particularly in problem-solving, involves breaking down concepts step by step, making it easier for us to comprehend and follow along. Whenever she teaches or discusses a topic, her captivating speech holds our attention, making us eager listeners.”

“She dedicates time to provide feedback, helping students identify areas for improvement and growth.”
“Ma’am Nikita is a great teacher with excellent visual aids. Her tips on the utilization of ICT are very useful, not only for our studies but also for other purposes. Her teaching strategies and learning materials are highly commendable.”

Known for her innovative teaching methods, Ms. Nikita doesn’t just solve equations; she orchestrates a symphony of learning. Her unique grading approach, offering constructive feedback instead of zeros, coupled with creative presentations, ensures that learning is not just a task but a delightful experience.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Nikita is a beacon of continuous personal and professional growth. Her journey, marked by achievements such as graduating Cum Laude, obtaining a National Certificate II in Computer Systems Servicing, andnearing the completion of her master’s degree, reflects her commitment to excellence.

Despite the challenges, Ms. Nikita’s resilience shines through. Her teaching philosophy goes beyond a teacher-centered approach, emphasizing the importance of active student engagement. She believes in the reciprocity of learning, with students teaching their teachers and vice versa.

Ms. Nikita has seamlessly transitioned between various roles, from Arts and Sciences to Education, Graduate Studies, and serving as the Data Protection Officer. Within the School of Education, she wears multiple hats as School Registrar and Secretary, streamlining processes for her colleagues.

Acknowledging her flaws and challenges, Ms. Nikita draws strength from the positive aspects—the supportive institution, dedicated colleagues, and, most importantly, the enthusiastic students. As long as she is valued within the system, supported by fellow teachers, and trusted by her students, Ms. Nikita will continue to be a beacon of inspiration and dedication.
Here’s to Ms. Nikita Paola A. del Mundo and all the educators who make a lasting impact on the lives they touch. Happy National Teacher’s Month!