“Nurturing minds, nature, and souls” isn’t merely a slogan but a vibrant reality embodied by Dr. RB J. Gallego, the guiding force of wisdom and inspiration. On this Teacher’s Day, we feature the remarkable journey of Dr. Gallego, an educator who has devoted nearly 27 years in ASCOT to making an enduring impact on numerous lives.

Within the corridors of ASCOT, Dr. RB J. Gallego, affectionately known as “Doc. RB” or “Sir RB,” stands as a symbol of educational excellence. He earned his Cum Laude distinction with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from West Visayas State University. Continuing his academic pursuit, he achieved a Master’s degree in Forestry from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. His scholarly journey reached its zenith with a Ph.D. in Resource Management, specializing in Forest Resources Management at Isabela State University. He also enrolled in the DAP program for Designing Customer-Centered Public Service and Training on Business Excellence in Education.

Dr. Gallego’s impact transcends the classroom into community initiatives. From overseeing protected areas to championing sustainable livelihoods, he has been a catalyst for positive change among upland communities and Indigenous Peoples.

Innovation characterizes Dr. Gallego’s role as the VPAA of ASCOT, introducing the ASCOT-Flex mechanism, a fusion of flexible face-to-face and online teaching modalities. His dedication extends further, securing top honors in research (Best University Graduate Research – Technical Category, ISU 2021), participating as an ISO Internal Quality Assurance Auditor, and playing a pivotal role in ASCOT’s journey towards universityhood.
As the former director of the School of Graduate Studies, Dr. Gallego upholds high academic standards while contributing significantly to institutional development. His teaching approach, hailed as exceptional, echoes in the heartfelt testimonials of appreciative students.

“Sobrang bait po dabest teacher po na nakilala ko. Sobrang galing pong magturo at ang galing pong makisama saming mga estudyante. Salamat po sa pagtuturo samin sir RB. God bless po.”
Beyond the realms of academia, Dr. Gallego is a revered church member, embodying Christian values.

“Dr. Palma taught me about this, that in climbing the ladder of leadership, I should not step on others’ heads but instead, bring them with me to the top so that, when I go down, I will not face the same people again and again.” – Dr. Gallego

As an inspiring educator and leader, Dr. RB J. Gallego isn’t just shaping minds but cultivating a community that aspires for excellence, simplicity, and happiness. His journey stands as a testament to a life devoted to education, faith, and community development.

Happy World Teachers’ Day, Doc RB and to all our teachers out there!
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