In a joyous milestone, ASCOT ‘To Todo Todo celebrated its second anniversary. The program kicked off with a delightful performance by talented student singers from ASCOT, who charmed the audience with their rendition of “We Are One,” a song composed by CHED Commissioner Ronald Adamat.

Key officials, faculty, and unit heads like former ASCOT President Dr. Eutiqio L. Rotaquio, Jr., VP Michelle A. Resueño, Alma S. Bayudan, and Dir. Annie R. Capin, along with ASCOT students, shared friendly greetings through a video clip.

The episode featured the much-loved segment “Ating Alamin,” which focused on the celebration of the 2023 National Indigenous Month, emphasizing the importance of honoring our indigenous cultures and traditions.

As a special guest for this episode, Ms. Diana Rose De Mesa-Amazona, the Director of the Information Unit and one of the program’s pioneering hosts, took the audience on a trip down memory lane and shed light on the origins of ASCOT ‘To as a public service program of the school, highlighting its commitment to informing the public about relevant news concerning the college.
Reliving cherished moments, Ms. Amazona fondly recounted memorable episodes from the program’s history. She also highlighted the notable guests who left a lasting impact on ASCOT ‘To, including former ASCOT President Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., CHED Commissioner Ronald Adamat, and Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo, among others.

Ms. Amazona, also a broadcast practitioner, generously shared her expertise with the listeners by recounting her experiences in “Radio Production 101,” providing valuable insights into the art of creating captivating radio content.

The episode concluded with heartfelt gratitude as the radio hosts expressed thanks to all those involved in making the program a success. It was a wonderful reminder of the power of teamwork and the warmth of the ASCOT ‘To community.

In two years, ASCOT ‘To has grown into more than just a radio show; it’s a testament to the strength of unity, diversity, and education.
You can re-watch this episode here:

Tune in for the next episode of ASCOT ‘To! live next Tuesday, 8:30–10:00 a.m., on 92.1, or via livestream on the ASCOT Official Facebook page for another exciting discussion.

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