In a recent episode of ASCOT, ‘To! (Todo-todo), hosts Diana De Mesa-Amazona and Patrick Sotero extended warm holiday greetings to their beloved listeners, bidding goodbye to the current year while eagerly anticipating a bigger and brighter 2024 for the show.

They proudly announced ASCOT’s successful completion of an external audit, securing a coveted recommendation for ISO 9001:2015 QMS re-certification. Commendations also flowed for ASCOT’s eventful year, marked by milestones such as the vibrant 30th founding anniversary, the acquisition of a cutting-edge technology package for a biodegradable waste composting facility courtesy of the Department of Agriculture, and the unveiling of the schedule for the upcoming 2nd semester enrollment.

The hosts highlighted the achievements of the new board passers among ASCOT’s alumni, spanning the fields of education, engineering, forestry, and agriculture.

Reflecting on the year’s highlights, the show revisited some of its most memorable episodes, underscoring the valuable moments shared with its dedicated audience.

In the latter segment of the program, Dean Amarlo Banania from the School of Engineering elaborated on the forthcoming ASCOT 1st Engineering Grand Alumni Homecoming on December 29, 2023. He unveils exciting details of the event, which include the grand motorcade, the oath-taking ceremony, and the awarding of outstanding alumni, to name a few.

As 2023 is nearing its end, ASCOT ‘To (Todo-todo) filled everyone with hope and excitement, making us all look forward to the amazing things 2024 has in store for this much-loved radio show.

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