In the recent episode of ASCOT ‘To! (Todo-Todo), titled “Baler SUMAN-salamin sa Kulturang Makulay,” we had a delightful chat diving into the heart of Baler’s culture through its famous treat, Baler suman (Filipino Rice Cake).

Our guests were Mrs. Charito Bernardino, also known as Ate Cha, President of the Samahan ng mga Magsusuman sa Baler, and the insightful Faculty-Researcher, Melissa “Mel” Grace P. Nacino, Assistant Professor IV from ASCOT School of Arts and Sciences.

Together, we explored why Baler suman is more than just a snack—it’s a piece of Baler’s history and spirit. Ate Cha shared how their suman association started, its goals, and some fun innovations in suman-making. She’s really passionate about keeping Baler suman traditions alive!

Ma’am Mel told us all about her research journey, “Savoring Culture: Exploring the Origins, Cultural Preservation, and Symbolical Tapestry of Baler Suman (Filipino Rice Cake).” She shared why she got hooked on Baler Suman, her trip to present her research in Bali, and how ASCOT is all about preserving culture.

The episode gave us a tasty peek into why Baler suman is so special to the town, and how everyone’s working hard to keep it that way.

If you missed the live program, don’t worry! You can catch up on ASCOT’s official Facebook page.

Remember, ASCOT ‘To! airs every other Thursday, from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. on 92.1RTV Baler.

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