In a recent episode of ASCOT, ‘To! (Todo-todo), hosts Diana De Mesa-Amazona and Patrick Sotero shed light on the exciting upcoming events at Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT). The discussion revolved around the forthcoming Culture and the Arts Association of State Universities and Colleges (CAASUC) competition and the Strategic Planning Workshop, showcasing ASCOT’s active engagement in fostering growth and development.

Mr. Patrick Q. Sotero, ASCOT’s Data Protection Officer, discussed the importance of the Data Privacy Act, providing simple yet crucial steps to safeguard personal data in the digital world. He outlined practical measures to shield ourselves from potential online threats, empowering viewers and listeners with actionable advice to protect their privacy.

Additionally, the episode welcomed Mr. Joseph Gonzales, ASCOT’s Board Secretary, who talked about the process and requirements in the search for the new ASCOT President. His clear explanation offered a glimpse into the meticulous approach undertaken in selecting the institution’s next leader, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the transition.
ASCOT ‘To! (Todo-todo) continues to serve as an informative platform, connecting the ASCOT community and beyond with pertinent discussions and insights.

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