n the latest episode of ASCOT ‘To Todo Todo, hosts Diana Rose de Mesa and Arnold Monteverde celebrated past achievements while shedding light on the vital role of student activities. From the captivating CAASUC events to the successful Elemento concert benefiting CAASUC delegates, Diana emphasized the significance of such activities in shaping the students’ experiences.

The show revisited previous episodes, reiterating the crucial role mangroves play in preserving our environment. It served as a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation, captivating viewers with essential insights.

The second half of the program featured esteemed guest Ma Luz F. Cabatan, PhD, who humbly shared her journey as a professor and researcher at ASCOT. Dr. Cabatan captivated audiences and listeners with the story behind her research ventures. Dr. Cabatan began by talking about the second phase of the Sustainable Production of Traditional Pigmented Rice Varieties in Aurora Province. The project aims to cultivate traditional types of colorful rice in Aurora Province in a way that’s good for the environment. This phase of the project got a big 1.5 million funding boost from the Department of Agriculture.

Next is the Innovation and Commercialization of Organic Products from Boton. Her discussion touched upon the research’s origins, the challenges encountered by the dedicated team, and the potential benefits it holds for the wider community. The highlight of the Boton project is the planting activity of Boton in different areas in Aurora Province.

Dr. Cabatan revealed that their groundbreaking research secured funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), an impressive Php 2,644,316.00 under the 2023 DOST-III Regional Grants-in-Aid Program. This achievement underscored not only the significance of their work but also its potential to make a difference in society.

The program’s highlights showcased ASCOT’s commitment to innovation, research, and community impact. It illuminated the university’s dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment while addressing critical societal needs.

Through engaging discussions and insightful revelations, the episode left a lasting impression, inspiring viewers and showcasing ASCOT’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in research and community service.

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