In this episode of ASCOT ‘To!, we discussed mental health and efforts to make services more accessible to the Aurora community. Our guest, Ms. Abigaiel F. Paulino, shared exciting news about the Aurora Mental Health Center—a collaborative program involving the Aurora State College of Technology and other agencies.

The program was initiated in 2015 after the National Mental Health Act was passed. It addresses the needs of street dwellers through a technical working group formed by the Provincial Government of Aurora. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a temporary hold on the initiative.

The Aurora Mental Health Center, including its Crisis Helpline and Facebook page, supports individuals facing mental health challenges. It offers resources, raises awareness, and provides a safe space for dialogue. The Facebook page allows for anonymous sharing of concerns, with trained counselors available for guidance. Contact them at 0930 326 6462 or visit their Facebook page at

In the second part of ASCOT To!, “Ikaw na ba?”we featured candidates from the Regents party running for the Supreme College Students’ Council. They presented their platforms, plans, and future programs, showcasing their commitment to serve the ASCOT community.

The episode also included ‘Ating Alamin’, where valuable tips for good mental health were shared. Tips covered sufficient sleep, balanced diet, regular exercise, emotional acknowledgment, positive perspective, and community involvement.

You can rewatch the full episode via the official ASCOT Facebook page live stream.

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