In this episode of ASCOT To: “Pera-paraan Para Maging Certified Budgetarian,” features an esteemed guest speaker, Ma’am Cynthia D. Macose, the Supervising Administrative Officer of the college. With nearly three decades of experience as a former Administrative Officer V of the cashier’s unit, Ma’am Cynthia shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on financial management.

Ma’am Cynthia’s journey started as a volunteer worker, and it took a leap of faith to secure a permanent position. As she used to be a “one-man army” in the cashier’s unit, she has witnessed the evolution of processes from manual operations to a more adaptable and efficient work process. She stresses the importance of financial management in both personal and professional settings, recommending a budgeting formula of income – savings = expenses, with at least 10% of one’s income going towards savings. She also emphasizes the need for balance and prioritization when it comes to spending.

In addition to budgeting tips, Ma’am Cynthia shares insights on the benefits of credit cards, insurance, and investments that align with one’s passions. She even recommends using millennial apps to track spending habits.

Aside from her administrative duties, Ma’am Cynthia also teaches Public fiscal and management courses in the Master’s degree program at ASCOT. Her work ethic centers around empowering colleagues and continuous learning. She even incorporates a leadership principle she read in an article: “Love your family, then love your work.” According to her, it’s crucial to approach work with a focus on what one can give, rather than what one can receive.

During the episode, Ma’am Cynthia also outlines the qualifications for the next Cashier Officer III, which include trustworthiness, integrity, high tolerance, and responsiveness to queries. She emphasizes the importance of being proactive, having common sense, and being willing to take risks.

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