ASCOT Feature| ASCOT ‘To! (Todo-todo!)

In Episode 39, “I Love-rary,” or “I Love Library,” we learned more about the College Library and the services it offers to its clients. Our licensed librarians, Ma’am Mardelyn B. Barrogo, College Librarian III; Sweden B. Peña and Kecelaine M. Cañalita, Librarian I; and our Circulation Staff, Ma’am Nerissa Alcantara, were our guests.

We learned the process of borrowing books, how to use the Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC, and where students and clients can find online resources available at the college. Even with online databases and e-resources, our librarians can help you find the information you need.

The two new librarians, Ms. Kaycee, who will work at the Bazal Campus, and Ms. Sweden, who is assigned at the College of Law and Casiguran campus, talked about what it was like to be a Library Science student and briefly explained the course. They say that part of their job is to index, sort, and make sure that the books are up to date and have the most recent versions.

Before the interview ended, they encouraged the viewers to go to the library, which is open to anyone who wants to read and get information.