Today’s ASCOT ‘To! Episode 38: Income en Get me, Po! We had the Director of Income Generating Projects and Auxiliary Services, Jeffrey G. Susada as our guest. He shared the mandate of each SUCs to enhance its limited resources and later be self-sufficient and autonomous thru Income Generating Projects (IGPs). ASCOT wants to make the most of and encourage the use of its unused resources to help and improve its main job, which is to give its students a quality education.

At the moment, some of the college’s IGPs are the School Canteen, which can also serve external clients, the Water Refilling Station, Turmeric Powder with lemongrass, malunggay, and oregano flavors, “Project Bula” (a dishwashing liquid), Ermita Hill, ASCOT Students, and Faculty Dormitories, a one-floor business rental place, and the ASCOT Printing Press, which can print t-shirts, mugs, and pins. Tarpaulin printing and other printing services will be available soon.

The Ermita Hill is now open to new small vendors selling locally made products and potential clients who want to use the location as an event venue for intimate weddings, birthdays, or wedding proposals.

***ASCOT ‘To! is an Educational Radio Program of the college that airs on 92.1 RTV Baler, every Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. It is also streamed online via the RTV Facebook page and ASCOT Official official FB page.