ASCOT | Feature

Yes, you heard it right. ASCOT is now offering a Juris Doctor Program for aspiring lawyers in our new College of Law!

ASCOT’s Dean of the College of Law and the College’s Legal Counsel, Atty. Racquel R. Dujunco, CPA, served as our guest for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

In our program’s Episode 34, entitled “May Law na sa ASCOT,” our guest gave us a glimpse of what it looks like to become a law student. Atty. Rocky also emphasized the importance of balancing one’s studies and social life by sharing some useful tips on how to do it, especially for those who are planning to enroll for the degree.

In this episode, Atty. Rocky also explained to us the admission process, requirements, and schedules for the submission of documents and online qualifying interviews. She also shared with our listeners how the initiative of offering a College of Law started and its goal of producing more lawyers that will serve, especially here in the province of Aurora.

The entire admissions process is to be conducted online, from registration to the written exams and oral interviews. Interested applicants may use this registration form: