The host of Serbisyong TaPAT: Batas at Komunidad, Mr. Patrick Alexis Angara, J.D. served as our guest for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

In this episode, entitled “Panalo ang Pilipino, sa Matalinong Pagboto!” our guest shared with our listeners some basic information about our upcoming May 9 National and Local Elections, such as the positions to be elected, their term limits, and their duties and responsibilities as elected officials.

Kuya Pat also told us about the qualities the voters must find and consider in choosing who to vote for in the said positions and why it is essential always to be informed of these characteristics in choosing our leaders who will lead our nation for the next three to six years.

In addition, he gave a brief orientation on what the voters should do and should not do on the day of the election next week according to the guidelines set by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).