Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan, VP for Acacemic Affairs and Dr. Amelia A. Picart, Teacher Education Department Director with the speakers of the Seminar-Workshop for Faculty
Aiming to equip the members of the ASCOT Faculty with techniques, best practices and expertise in preparing course lessons, instructional materials, and assessment tools, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in coordination with the Department of Teacher Education spearheaded a series of Seminar-Workshop for Faculty with the theme, “Fortifying ASCOT’s Culture of Excellence: Delivering Relevant Education through Effective and Quality Instruction”.

Participated by the faculty of the seven academic Departments of the College and Staff with teaching load, the said event consisted a well-designed platform with the following topics: Assessment in Education, Pedagogies of Teaching and Learning and Teaching & Learning Technologies. The first series was held last June 5-6, 2017, including a lecture series on the Alignment of Congruence of Goals, Learning Activities, and Assessment under Prof. Jocelyn H. Diaz. She discussed in details the revised educational taxonomy which plays an essential role in the formulation of objectives and design of course lessons and assessment tools to be used. The second day of the seminar centered on the discussion of authentic versus traditional assessment where the faculty was taught on how to prepare a table of specification for written examinations and rubrics for performance assessment. The second series which focused on the Pedagogies of Teaching and Learning was conducted on June 17, 2017, with Ms. Rolina M. Fajardo as the mentor. Various teaching pedagogies and strategies for the different disciplines have been discussed and were given sample activities. The third and last series of the workshop was conducted last June 23, 2017, where Ms. Cleo U. Barawid mentored the group in the preparation of different instructional materials which is a vital factor in delivering information. Lastly, Dr. Rowell G. Olila talked over the Learning Technologies and shared his E-Learning Reflections of Continuing Professional Development as a Teacher. Culminating each day in the four-day series of the seminar was the workshop and presentation of output which was actively joined by the participants as manifested in their output.