January 23, 2024,- the ASCOT Faculty and Staff Association (AFSA) organized a General Assembly, including elections for the ASCOT Non-teaching Association (ANTA).

Godfrey G. Gudoy, Information Systems Analyst II/Director, ICTU, secured the position of president, prevailing over four contenders through a majority vote.

Other officers were selected through single nominations:

Vice President: Dolores Salvacion Tolentino, RGC, Records Officer
Secretary: Mayday J. Sollano, Internal Auditor I
Treasurer: Chrystal Faye V. Salazar, CPA, Budget Officer III
Auditor: Rafaelito A. Minoza, Internal Auditor III
Business Manager: Oliver Ian A. Abordo, Admin Officer IV, GSU
PRO: Diana Rose P. De Mesa-Amazona, Information Officer III

In an interview, Gudoy, who previously served as the Faculty Association president, and now taking on the role of Non-teaching president, emphasized the principles of “pakikisama at serbisyo” (collaboration and service), stating, “Ako ang presidente nyo, pero kayo ang boss ko” (I am your president, but you are my boss).

Meanwhile, outgoing ANTA President Cynthia D. Macose, concluded her term by quoting Coca Cola CEO Bryan Dayson’s speech, “life is like juggling five balls: work is a resilient rubber ball, while family, health, friends, and spirit are delicate glass balls. Dropping work may have minimal consequences, but dropping any of the other four can cause irreversible damage.” She also reiterated, “An individual can make a difference, but in unity, we can make a difference.”