The original date for the last day of registration was on August 20, but it was extended until September 03. This is due to the increase in the number of enrollees and the circumstances brought about by the pandemic. The extension is for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Since the start of the enrollment, ASCOT has been flocked by aspiring ASCOTians. There are even students from other provinces that choose to enroll in our college. The increase in the number of enrollees is proof that the college has been able to cater to the needs of the people of Aurora and those from nearby provinces in terms of education.

The blended learning used during this pandemic has enabled working students, returning students to enroll. The scheduling for both synchronous and asynchronous classes per subject allows the students have time to rest and time to do their other responsibilities such as in their families and jobs.

Students brought their pens, wore facemasks, and maintained physical distancing. The students as well as the faculty and staff manning the enrollment stations were reminded to follow health protocols.