In an exciting development at the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), we are thrilled to share the latest updates on the designations of our esteemed personnel. With the guidance of College President Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., Ph.D., ASCOT is proud to present a lineup of dedicated professionals who are ready to take on new roles and contribute to our institution’s growth and success.

Introducing our newly designated personnel:

For. Maria Christina B. Canada, Associate Professor IV, has been designated as Program Chairperson for the new course offering, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. As a program chairperson she will be responsible for the overseeing and managing the course within the academic program. She will be also be in-charged in curriculum development; course planning and faculty management to name a few. The degree in Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science focuses on the study of environment, its components and the interactions between human activities and the natural world. Ma’am Canada’s strong leadership and administrative skills, teaching and research experience is a factor in the advancement of this program.

Meanwhile, Mr. Godfrey B. Gudoy, Information Technology Officer I has been designated as the Director of Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU). Overall, the ICT unit is responsible for providing technical support, managing the college’s technology infrastructure, facilitating access to information and communication resources, and promoting the effective use of technology for teaching, learning, research, and administrative functions. As a director of the ICTU, Mr. Gudoy will be responsible for overseeing and managing the Information and Communications Technology function of the institution. His strong leadership and technical expertise will drive innovation in IT and contribute to our institution’s growth.

We congratulate all the personnel on their new designations and commend their unwavering commitment to ASCOT’s vision of academic excellence, innovation, and community engagement.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as ASCOT continues to pave the way for #universityhood.

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