Maam Mancy Lota presenting the steps of Smoked Fish processing
Maam Mancy Lota presenting the steps of Smoked Fish processing

The college in collaboration with Department of Labor and Employment conducted a one day Training-workshop on the processing of smoked soft-boned bangus last February 2, 2017 at
ASCOT Casiguran Campus.

Fishery students of the college , most of which are residents of the humble town in the north- Casiguran, actively participated in the said entrepreneurial venture.  Together with guest and visitors the participants were welcomed by Mr. Mark Manalang, an instructor and also a town local.

The Smoked – Fish project is a grant of DOLE to the college, a testament of the solid partnership of ASCOT and DOLE in uplifting the lives of Aurorans. The college then turned the project to the good hands of Maam Mancy M. Lota, OSS Coordinator and faculty of BS Fisheries in Casiguran campus.

As part of the training workshop, a specialist from DOLE also shared his expertise to enrich the entrepreneurial blueprint of the participants. Mr. Zoren Amat conducted an Entrepreneur Development Training. By the end of the day, the lucky participants were able to gain skills in smoked fish processing and lectures in financial development . Two birds in one stone!

The presentation proper started after lunch with Maam Mancy demonstrating the processing of smoke soft-boned bangus. She showed and shared tips to come up with the best taste, using  the pressure cooker, basin, improvised smoke house and other equipment given by the DOLE. The  idea is to impart flavor and color to the fish, and to dehydrate it for preservation. The demonstration also included trivia about the milkfish (bangus). It is known that milkfish is a main ingredient to many of Pinoys’ favorite dishes. Plus the fact the said fish contains the highest amount of omega 3 among other fishes, this project is deemed to be promising.

The program concluded with the awarding of certificates at 5 pm. Also present to witness the event and to share messages are Director for Agriculture and Aquatic Science  – Dr. Eduardo F. Macose, College OSS Director -Ms. Alma Bayudan, and Casiguran Campus Coordinator – Mr.  Mark Rafael.

The event is just one of the many joint projects of ASCOT and DOLE, sharing the common goal of empowering the students of ASCOT and uplifting the lives of the residents of Aurora.