The Aurora State College of Technology Alumni Association proudly announces the results of its recent general assembly held on December 19. A fresh lineup of officers has been elected to lead the association from December 23, 2023, to December 22, 2025.

Taking the helm as president is Casper Jay Ortiz, while Nazer Angara assumes the role of vice president. The newly elected secretary is Cheska Kate Victorio, and John Harry Jostunal steps in as treasurer.

Dale Lyko Abion is entrusted with the position of auditor, Marvin Virrey takes on the responsibilities of PIO, and June Cel Guttierez assumes the role of business manager.

Representing diverse fields, the elected representatives include Heinrich Von Maisa for Education, Janine Ayes for Forestry, Christian Mark S. Mintac for B.I.T., and Regina Dela Torre for Arts and Sciences.

In a statement from the newly elected president, Mr. Casper Ortiz, “I am deeply grateful to the entire ASCOT Alumni community for entrusting me with the responsibility of serving as the newly elected Alumni President. I am excited to collaborate with each and every alum, promoting transparency and inclusivity as our top priorities. Your suggestions will be heard, and your concerns will be addressed openly and honestly. Let’s work together to build upon our shared history, strengthen our bonds, and ensure the continued success and welfare of our beloved ASCOT.”

The Aurora State College of Technology Alumni Association is optimistic about a productive and collaborative tenure under the guidance of these dedicated individuals. Their shared vision aims to create a more vibrant and engaging community for all ASCOT alumni.