May 7, 2024, ASCOT Zabali Campus- Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) and the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) have joined forces in a bold undertaking to modernize the coconut industry in Aurora Province. Under the initiative titled “Modernization of Coconut Industry in Aurora Province: A Research for Development Program,”ASCOT presented the project’s objectives to Mr. Juan F. Milar, Jr. from PCA- Aurora, and Regional Manager Dennis D. Andres, PCA Region III.

ASCOT provided a comprehensive overview of the program’s objectives and outlined its diverse range of projects. These included conducting psycho-socio-economic profiling of coconut farmers, evaluating and collecting germplasm of various coconut varieties, and implementing clonal propagation techniques to ensure disease-free coconut production. Additionally, the program aimed to establish a technology demonstration farm centered around coconut-based innovations and proposed the integration of coco-aqua farming practices. Moreover, it aimed to analyze the supply and value chains within the coconut industry and implement strategies for pest and disease management surveillance. Finally, the importance of technology commercialization and promotion to ensure the widespread adoption of advancements in the coconut sector was discussed.

After each project was discussed, Mr. Andres from PCA Quezon City offered comments and suggestions. He emphasized the importance of detailed activities and recommended reformatting the research using a prescribed format. Mr. Andres also highlighted potential partnerships and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between PCA and ASCOT, particularly regarding projects such as the Psycho Socio-Economic Profiling of Coconut Farmers and Germplasm Collection and Evaluation of Different Varieties of Coconut.

ASCOT President Renato G. Reyes expressed his appreciation for such opportunities to enhance ASCOT’s partnerships with its stakeholders, affirming that both parties stand to benefit.

ASCOT Research Team project leaders include Dr. Oscar S. Barawid, Dr. Ma. Luz F. Cabatan, Dr. Alking B. Gorospe, Dr. Ricardo G. Gonzales, Dr. Mark Joseph R. Raphael, Dr. Mayreen V. Amazona, Prof. Annie R. Capin, and Atty. Karl Thomas D. Olivar
Additionally, Dr. Mark Angelo Diaz, Ms. Chenie Mae Bibon, Mr. Rogelio Picart, Jr., Ms. Roselyn Salenga, Mr. Charles R. Velasco, and Ms. Rubilyn S. Dela Cruz composed the Study Leaders.