In a proactive move towards enhancing education on coastal resource management, the President of Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) recently met with DALUHAY (Daloy ng Buhay), a distinguished Non-Governmental Organization known for its collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, including Indigenous peoples, farmers, fisherfolks, and women’s groups, in conserving and protecting natural resources from Ridge to Reef.

The meeting served as a platform for substantive discussions centered around the proposed introduction of short courses on coastal resource management, in which ASCOT will actively participate.

President Reyes emphasized the importance of partnership in offering diploma and micro credentials, where students can not only gain knowledge but also establish networks to bolster marine research endeavors. Recognizing the expertise and dedication of DALUHAY in coastal conservation, he underscored the significance of collaboration between ASCOT and DALUHAY in advancing educational opportunities in this crucial field.

During the meeting, both parties exchanged valuable insights and perspectives, drawing upon their respective expertise and experiences. Mr. Paul David Watts and Ms. Marivic G. Pajaro represented DALUHAY in the discussion, contributing significantly to the dialogue on shaping the academic courses on coastal resource management.

The dialogue between ASCOT and DALUHAY signifies a concerted effort towards enriching educational offerings and fostering greater awareness and understanding of coastal resource management practices. Through collaborative initiatives, both entities aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to address pressing environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable coastal development.