Leveling up in preparation for a more quality learning experience for students.

Despite the restrictions brought by the COVID 19 pandemic, the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) still pursued its Level II Accreditation Survey for its nine programs conducted by the members of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) through its first-ever Virtual Accreditation System, December 7 to 11, 2020.

Checking and evaluating the required files for each areas which includes Area I: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives; Area II: Faculty, Area III: Curriculum and Instruction, Area IV: Support to Students, Area V: Research, Area VI: Extension and Community Involvement, Area VII: Library, Area VIII: Physical Plants and Facilities, Area IX: Laboratories, and Area X for Administration, the AACCUP accreditors used the College’s Virtual Accreditation System and the video conferencing application – Zoom in interviewing each area counterparts and task force members in the nine programs to be surveyed including Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of Science in Environmental Management, Bachelor in Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; all for Zabali Campus and Bachelor of Science in Fisheries in Esteves Campus.

The Accreditors from different state universities and colleges from around the country included in this year’s survey visit namely Dr. Sherwin B. Sapin from Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU), and Prof. Aurea M. Madelo from Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT), and Prof. Prinyl P. Austral from Central Mindanao University (CMU) for the BSIT Program; Dr. Edith P. Gonzales and Dr. Ludy G. Depamallo from Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISATU) and Prof. Prinyl P. Austral from CMU for the BIT Program; Prof. Renato B. Cubilla from Cavite State University (CvSU), Prof. Cecilia E. Arcon from SSCT and Prof. Prinyl P. Austral from CMU for the BSCE, BSME, and BSEE Programs; Dr. Jeanneth F. Darroca from ISATU, Prof. Arlene L. Remigio and Prof. Vickylyn A. Guieb from Isabela State University (ISU) for BSHM; Dr. Nelma T. Quindipan from West Visayas State University (WVSU), Prof. Magdalena L. Guinumtad from Quirino State University (QSU) and Prof. Vickylyn A. Guieb from ISU for the MSA Program; Dr. Elena M. Manaig from LSPU, Dr. Ma. Teresa B. Valerio from QSU, and Prof. Vickylyn A. Guieb from ISU for the MSEM Program; and Dr. Francis N. Baleta and Dr. Cecilio L. Manarpaac from Partido State University (ParSU), and Prof. Vickylyn A. Guieb from ISU lead the five-day survey for the given programs.

The College’s Level II Accreditation started with a “new normal” opening program via Zoom wherein Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr., College President expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all the persons who gave their time and effort just to push through this Level II Accreditation amidst the pandemic. He also said that this action only proved that ASCOT faculty members and staff are really flexible and resilient in delivering quality education no matter what challenges the College will face even in the future.
This “new normal” Level II Accreditation was made possible through the online Virtual Accreditation System conceptualized and programmed by one of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Instructors – Mr. Don Sean V. Buencamino. This feature was the new addition in the functions of the ASCOT Online Services still, programmed by Mr. Buencamino.