The International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences, in collaboration with the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), as its host, is currently holding the 2022 ISSAAS Virtual National Scientific Congress via Zoom Teleconferencing with the theme, “Mainstreaming Climate Change Resilience: Strategies and Management in Agricultural and Food Systems in the New Normal,” October 13–14.

The said congress features research presentations by researchers and presenters from different educational institutions and agencies in the country in the field of agriculture that address different timely issues and challenges our world is facing right now, especially in terms of climate change, which has a big impact on food production, security, sustainability, resilience in coastal communities, and responsible farming.

The sub-themes for this year’s congress include:

1. Impacts of mitigating of climate change in securing food production

2. Enhancement and sustainability of food chain and agricultural value chain

3. Governance and food system: Vulnerability and resilience of coastal communities

4. Responsible farming system

The posters of the participating researches in each sub-theme will be available for viewing here on our College’s official Facebook Page and on the college’s website,!