Reviewing Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) takers about different topics regarding Social Sciences, two of our College Instructors served as virtual Guest Lecturers during the  Bulacan Agricultural State College (BASC) Institute of Education’s Online Deepening Session with the theme, “Project 3R: Re-Evaluate, Review, and Refresh for Licensure Examination for Teachers” held via Zoom, May 9.

Aurora State College of Technology’s (ASCOT) Socio-Cultural Director Dr. Jay M. Amon and Mr. Eliseo Joseph M. Nakar, one of the Instructors from the Department of Arts and Sciences, reviewed the board exam takers of the said College different topics about Philippine Indigenous Communities and The Contemporary World.

Sharing his expertise in indigenous communities and people, Dr. Amon shared various knowledge and information about the subject. He focused on the laws protecting the rights of IPs and how the government executed these laws in protecting their rights. He also shared some sample test questions about the subject and helped the reviewees analyze and answer the test questions in the morning session.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Nakar talked about and explained various concepts about The Contemporary World. From the definition of globalization, its causes and effects, up to the topics about global governance and market integration, the participants listened and focused on every detail of the discussion.

After the virtual lecturers’ discussion, the two also shared some motivational messages and tips on how the participants will effectively ace the board exam. The two believe that the group has great potentials of not only passing the LET but also topping it.