March 21, 2024 – The Aurora State College of Technology Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (ASCOT DRRMO), under the leadership of its unit head, For. Mark Christian Facun, took proactive steps in enhancing community safety by organizing a comprehensive Fire Safety Seminar and Drill. This initiative aimed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and respond to fire incidents.

The seminar, expertly facilitated by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Baler, featured esteemed speakers including SFO1 Emerson Espino, FO3 Ace Marion N. Lopez, and FO2 Joezer L. Andrada from BFP Baler. Their presentations covered a wide range of topics crucial for fire safety, including the chemistry of fire, classifications and stages of fire, fire prevention strategies, and fundamental firefighting tactics.

The highlight of the event was the practical component, which involved a hands-on fire drill and simulation exercises. These interactive activities provided participants with invaluable real-world experience in responding swiftly and effectively to fire emergencies, reinforcing their preparedness and confidence in handling such situations.

Additionally, the event saw heartfelt expressions of gratitude from ASCOT representatives to the Bureau of Fire Protection Baler. Antonio Bolivar, ASCOT’s Research Coordinator for the School of Industrial Technology, expressed his appreciation, stating, “Thank you, BSF Baler, for your dedication to community safety. As an ASCOT faculty member, I’m eager for our potential collaboration to enhance campus safety. Let’s work together to protect everyone. Thank you.”

Cynthia Macose, ASCOT’s Supervising Administrative Officer, also conveyed her thanks, saying, “Thanks, BSF Baler, for the opportunity you’re providing ASCOT employees. Your expertise will strengthen our safety measures. I’m excited to see the impact of our collaboration. Thank you.”

Dr. Gerardo Rillon, ASCOT’s Chief Administrative Officer, added his appreciation, “Appreciation to BSF Baler for their service to ASCOT. Your support is crucial for campus safety. Let’s continue prioritizing safety together. Thank you.”

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