Since the year 2004, our nation has set aside the month of September to commemorate the National Peace Consciousness Month, a tradition made possible through the issuance of Proclamation No. 675. This annual observance serves a profound purpose – to facilitate a deeper understanding of the comprehensive peace process and to reinforce our unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture of peace within our society.

Proclamation No. 675 signifies the government’s recognition of the paramount importance of peace. It calls upon every citizen to actively participate in the pursuit of harmony, unity, and reconciliation, recognizing that these are essential components of building a prosperous and progressive nation.

Throughout this month, ASCOT joins the nation in embracing this vital responsibility. Our educational institution plays a crucial role in shaping the minds of future leaders who will carry the torch of peace and understanding. We remain dedicated to instilling in our students the values of empathy, conflict resolution, and tolerance, essential traits for a world marked by cooperation and tranquility.

As we celebrate the 2023 National Peace Consciousness Month with the theme “Ang Kapayapaan ay Responsibilidad ng Bawat Mamamayan,” let us reflect on our collective commitment to peace and work earnestly towards the creation of a more harmonious and prosperous society.

#NationalPeaceMonth #ASCOTforPeace