ASCOT faculty member Mr. Von Gerald D. Macose, MIT, shared his expertise during an extension training program at Mount Carmel College Baler, March 2, 2024.

The title of the event, “Understanding Internet Ethics in Industry 5.0: Going Beyond Copy-Paste,” aimed to introduce the concept of Industry 5.0 while addressing its associated risks, including the 12 dangers of automation and AI.

Mr. Macose provided a thorough examination of the benefits and pitfalls of AI, emphasizing its potential to boost productivity but cautioning against misuse. He underscored the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures and ethical practices to mitigate job displacement and safeguard data privacy.

During discussions, Mr. Macose likened technological evolution to the invention of guns, stressing the importance of responsible utilization. This seminar not only expanded participants’ knowledge but also highlighted the ongoing necessity for vigilance and adaptation in the dynamic landscape of Industry 5.0.

Photo credits to:
Jhen Mar C. Lopez
Jennieh Rose A. Minez
Aaron Paul V. Reopta
Rossel M. Gonzales
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