This coming June 18, the ASCOT-SHS will cease operation. Last year, the graduation ceremony did not push through because of the pandemic. This year, it is still not possible to hold a graduation face-to-face. Many students were hoping that they can march, but the threat of Covid-19 transmission should not be ignored. The faculty still wants to give the students a proper send-off. Thus, they partnered with the ICTC for virtual graduation. The parents and students were consulted about this activity.

A schedule was made to accommodate each student for the photoshoot and video shoot. At least 20 students per day come to the ICTC building. The photoshoot started on May 04. The photoshoot package is 650 PHP. A student can opt-out of the photoshoot, after all, it is not compulsory. The schedule has been pushed back because of changes in the quarantine classification, memos released by the local government unit, and a surge in cases.

There has been no announcement yet of the date of the continuation. Though it will most probably be scheduled when the ban on small gatherings is lifted by the local government unit.

Health protocols were followed before, during, and after the photoshoot.