March 20, 2024-In a bid to enhance its Income Generating Project (IGP) and auxiliary services, Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) welcomed Dr. Edgar A. Orden, Vice President for Research and Extension of Central Luzon State University (CLSU), as a mentor. The session aimed to provide valuable insights to ASCOT’s project leaders and staff of IGP and Auxiliary Services.

ASCOT President Dr. Renato G. Reyes expressed his gratitude for Dr. Orden’s visit, emphasizing the importance of integrating research, extension, and production to support instructional efforts. He highlighted the need for ASCOT to capitalize on its strengths and opportunities in agricultural fields to ensure significant returns on investment. He also reiterated the creation of an operation manual for the IGP to streamline processes and ensure efficiency.

During the mentoring session, Dr. Orden shared invaluable advice and insights. First, “A proposal should support everything you do.” Second, financial prudence is essential, emphasizing that investments should yield profitable returns. Thirdly, ASCOT’s focus lies predominantly on non-agricultural ventures, urging the institution to explore opportunities for animal projects and upscaling to maximize profitability. Fourth, Dr. Orden stressed the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with regulatory bodies such as the Commission on Audit (COA), advising against unnecessary conflicts. Next, “Identifying a distinct niche and capitalizing on it” is crucial for ASCOT’s success. However, understanding the priorities of funding agencies, such as the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) emphasis on the blue economy, can aid in securing funding. Finally, the success of ASCOT’s initiatives rests solely on the dedication and efforts of its team members, particularly the IGP team.

The half-day mentoring session saw active participation from ASCOT’s administrative and project leaders, including Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan (VPAA), Gerardo S. Rillon (CAO), Cynthia D. Macose (SAO), Dr. Jonah G. Zante (IGP Director), project leaders, as well as unit heads from Budget, Ms. Chrystal Faye V. Salazar; Planning, Ms. Maria Cecil L. Molina; and Accounting, Ms. Lorieflor F. Aragon; Information Unit, Ms.Diana Rose P. De Mesa-Amazona.

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