Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) reached a significant milestone as it welcomed the esteemed Regional Quality Assurance Team (RQAT-III) on April 27-28, 2023. The purpose of the visitation was to evaluate ASCOT’s proposal for new courses, setting the stage for the college’s pursuit of innovation, collaboration, and improved educational quality.

The RQAT-III is renowned for its expertise in developing and ensuring the quality of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the region. Comprised of seasoned professionals, the team provides assessment and guidance to educational institutions striving for enhanced academic standards and practices. Their main focus during the visitation was to evaluate ASCOT’s proposed Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in Environmental Sciences, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, and Physical Education.

Throughout the visitation, the RQAT-III delegation engaged in extensive discussions with ASCOT’s academic deans, faculty members, and administrative staff. They meticulously reviewed the college’s facilities, proposed curricula, and faculty qualifications. Notably, the state-of-the-art hospitality management laboratory at ASCOT left a lasting impression on the RQAT team, showcasing the college’s unwavering commitment to providing practical education. The team also appreciated ASCOT’s strategic location, which encompasses a diverse range from “ridge to reef.”

Dr. Efren Abulencia, representing CHEDRO-III and leading the esteemed RQAT delegation, expressed deep admiration for ASCOT’s initiatives, particularly acknowledging the dedication of ASCOT’s energetic President in pursuing the goal of universityhood. He stated, “ASCOT’s offering of additional academic programs has positioned the institution on a clear path towards fulfilling its manifest destiny as the new Aurora State University of Science and Technology.”

The visitation served as a valuable platform for fruitful exchanges between the RQAT-III team and ASCOT’s academic heads. Both parties shared insights, best practices, and innovative ideas, establishing a foundation for potential collaborations in future endeavors. Dr. Eutiquio Rotaquio, Jr., College President, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the RQAT visitation, recognizing its significance in ASCOT’s journey towards universityhood. He stated, “We are honored to have hosted the esteemed RQAT-III team. Their visit has reinforced our commitment to ASCOT’s development, and we are determined to implement their valuable recommendations. I extend my deepest appreciation to the cooperation of all faculty and staff in this crucial step towards achieving universityhood.”

The RQAT-III delegation consisted of distinguished members, including Dr. Rennier Perez, Director of External Affairs at SPCF, AC, and Dean of CHTM-SPFC; Dr. Lorenz J. Fajardo, Head of the Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management at CLSU, and Associate Professor at the College of Fisheries; Dr. Maricar A. Veranga, Program Head at the College of Hospitality Management, Centro Escolar University, Malolos, Bulacan; and Dr. Jumer C. Miller, a faculty member at CLSU-Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation.