ASCOT is making significant progress towards becoming a university as it recently hosted the Regional Quality Assurance Team (RQAT-III) for a visit. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate ASCOT’s proposal for new courses, paving the way for innovation, collaboration, and improved educational quality.

The RQAT-III, composed of seasoned professionals, specializes in developing and ensuring the quality of State Universities and Colleges in the region. During the visit, the team focused on evaluating ASCOT’s proposed Bachelor of Science programs in Environmental Sciences, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, and Physical Education. The visitation included extensive discussions, meticulous reviews of facilities and curricula, and fruitful exchanges between the RQAT-III team and ASCOT’s academic heads.

The visit reaffirmed ASCOT’s commitment to practical education and showcased its dedication to providing quality programs. Dr. Efren Abulencia, representing CHEDRO-III and leading the RQAT delegation, praised ASCOT’s initiatives and expressed admiration for the college’s pursuit of universityhood.

Dr. Eutiquio Rotaquio, Jr., ASCOT’s President, expressed gratitude for the visit and emphasized ASCOT’s determination to implement the valuable recommendations provided.

The visitation marked a crucial step towards achieving universityhood for ASCOT, “bringing them closer to becoming the new Aurora State University of Science and Technology” as what Dr. Abulencia said.