April 19-20, 2024, ASCOT conducted the second phase of its College Code Revision and Manual of Operations Creation, gathering key officials, academic, and administrative heads at the ASCOT Accreditation Hall.

Setting the mood, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan, pointed out the urgent need to expedite certain initiatives. Among these priorities are the improvement of the student handbook, the formulation of policies concerning student housing and enrollment. Recognizing the limited manpower available to assist students, efforts to streamline enrollment processes and designate appropriate personnel were also highlighted. The conversation also touched upon ASCOT’s aspirations for universityhood, a goal that necessitates swift action to meet all necessary requirements within a limited timeframe.

President Renato G. Reyes emphasized the importance of international research visibility and lauded faculty and staff dedication, calling it a heroic endeavor. He also highlighted ongoing efforts to revise the college code and manual of operations for sustainability. “No other SUC boasts such a beautiful environment. We must establish a university that reflects the excellence of our college.”

Discussions involved faculty and staff providing inputs for various sections of the college code, fostering collaboration and progress. Dr. Barawid, VP for Administration, Planning and Finance also presented a proposed reorganizational structure.