The Student and Alumni Affairs and Services conducted an online survey about Student Vaccination on November 09. The data gathered from the survey is linked to the office of the college nurse. The survey aims to find out the number of vaccinated students–both undergrad and graduate of ASCOT.

As of today, 31% (2,031) of the student population of ASCOT are vaccinated. 1,077 students of the 2,031 are fully vaccinated. There are 954 who are partially vaccinated. According to School Nurse Gudoy, there has been a slow response from students. Thus the survey link is still open. The college is also consistently posting updates and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

The trial for the face-to-face classes has started in selected schools all over the country. The country is targeting to allow face-to-face classes to resume next school year. Though, nothing is set in stone yet as the threat of a new Covid-19 variant loom.

Vaccination is not yet mandatory in our country, but citizens are highly encouraged to get vaccinated for their protection. Several students are getting vaccinated in preparation for face-to-face classes. Many students will go outside their towns and provinces. Thus it would be handy to have a vaccination card that they can present at borders, lest they have to have negative Covid-19 tests every time they travel.

According to a recent article on Rappler, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said yesterday, December 01, that only fully vaccinated students could join limited face-to-face classes. CHED Executive Director Cinderella Benitez-Jaro said that unvaccinated students could continue their education through a flexible learning system.