Seventeen graduate students from different programs will take their comprehensive exam on Nov. 17-19. Oct. 25-27 was the original date of the exam. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it got pushed back. Since we are still in a pandemic, the exam is not face-to-face. Just like during the first year of the pandemic, the exam is online. The students will receive the questions through their e-mails. They will pass their answers and attach their examination permit via e-mail also.


The Comprehensive Exam aims to certify that the students have achieved a core level of mastery in the relevant discipline. In some degree programs, passing the comprehensive exam is the last thing on their list to get their diplomas. It is because they offer a thesis and non-thesis option for their students. For some degree programs, it is the second to the last after the exam. They have to finish their thesis to earn their degree.