Fish And Coral Monitoring Techniques Training
Fish And Coral Monitoring Techniques Training

“To equip AMRDI staff with the requisite skill for undertaking fish and coral reef research and monitoring ”, this was the objective of the training on Manta tow, Fish Visual Census (FVC) and Line Intercept Transect (LIT) monitoring techniques held at Brgy. Ditawini, Dinalungan, Aurora, June 11-19, 2013.

Among the participants of the training were the six AMRDI certified divers, acting Project Management Officer and ASCOT Director for Research Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr., Research Assistants under the Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem (MEB)component, Kristine Rose M. Doringo, Joel V. Rolloda, Afed S. Daiwey, Jestonee C. Bitong, Karl Thomas M. Olivar and other research staff.

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The training was conducted by fish and coral experts from UP Marine Science Institute, University Research Associates, Mr. Renmar Jun S. Martinez, Mr. Melchor R. Deocadez and Mr. Michael P. Atrigenio, who is also the Project Leader of the MEB: Fauna component.

Fish and Coral taxonomy and FVC and LIT and Manta tow techniques were included in the lecture series. The participants also did fish length estimation exercise and a mock LIT.

After the lecture series, the participants went for a dive to exercise what they have learned. The divers did a census of all the fish species along a 50 meter transect line laid under the open waters of Dinalungan. They also did LIT field exercises were each pair of participants would share a 50 meter transect to read and record all the benthic life forms that intercepted the transect line.

After each dive and field exercise, the participants transcribed everything they have recorded on their slates and did data processing using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 and Microsoft Excel.

On the last day of the training, the participants along with their trainers did a Fish and Coral baseline survey planning. (KTOlivar)