The Aurora State College of Technology and Nueva Ecija University recently organized a collaborative two-day strategic planning workshop on May 18-19, 2023, held at the ASCOT Accreditation Hall. The workshop was attended by officials from both institutions, including For. Michelle A. Resueno, VP for Planning and Administration, Dr. Eusebio V. Angara, VP for Research Extension, and Marcelo B. Bulalayao, MAT – Dean College of Industrial Technology from NEUST.

Throughout the workshop, participants actively engaged in a range of activities, such as providing an overview of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) planning, conducting strategic planning sessions that fostered collaboration between NEUST and ASCOT, and presenting proposed and final projects. Additionally, discussions revolved around evaluating the current state of the institutions, identifying strengths, and recognizing valuable opportunities that can benefit the institutions. The workshop also involved analyzing educational and technological trends relevant to the planning process.

The collaborative strategic planning workshop between ASCOT and NEUST is expected to establish a strong foundation for the future development of both institutions. By aligning their educational programs and services with the evolving needs of students and the community, they can effectively meet the changing demands of the educational landscape.