The Director of the ASCOT Extension and Rural Development Office, Dr. Ricardo G. Gonzales, Jr., served as our guest for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

In our program’s Episode 49 (ASCOT AKAP-Komunidad!), Sir Rick shared with our listeners the different banner extension programs of ASCOT’s academic departments that are offering their services and assistance to the community based on the expertise that their target beneficiaries need.

Sir Rick recognized all the departments that are involving their students in the extension activities they are organizing, such as hosting, documenting, and serving as secretariats.

Dr. Gonzales, Jr., also explained how their office coordinates with other agencies and Local Government Units (LGUs) in the province to further bring their services closer to the communities. Sir Rick also thanked our College’s extensionists, offices, and local government officials, who are always willing to support ASCOT’s outreach programs and activities.

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